May 22, 2011

Two short-lived outfits

Friday. I was shooting for a purple-yellow-gray combo, sort of like Easter... I love this silk tuxedo shell, but it was another victim of the buying-things-too-big syndrome. It fits okay throughout, but the tie is too low for an empire waist and too high for a normal waist, which makes it look like a strange maternity top. I need to re-attach the tie higher up, probably around the ribcage, and then hopefully all will look normal again...
The yellow bead necklace must be from the 50s or 60s and was a recent thrift store purchase. To tie it in, I borrowed an idea from The Pleated Poppy and attached a grey flower hair clip to it. I like how it turned out.
Anyhow, this outfit didn't last long. I was in a bad mood, it was hot, and after a few hours I put on a grubby t-shirt and got dirty in the backyard instead.

Lavender cardigan: Target
Grey silk tuxedo shell: J.Crew
Jeans: Calvin Klein lean bootcut
Ivory/gold ballet flats: Aerosoles
Yellow bead necklace: thrifted
Grey flower hair clip: Icing

Where: Music class, buying more plants for the yard.

Saturday. This skirt is the sister to the goldenrod version I got on my honeymoon. I don't love this one as much though; I think it's because the "shiny" layer is on the outside instead of the inside... but it still works when I want to be comfortable but flowy.
This outfit didn't last long either. The skirt suffered the insult of getting cajun mayonnaise dripped on it at lunch... and the shirt suffered an attack by a muddy toy shovel as soon as we returned home. Oh well.

White v-neck t-shirt: Kohl's
Purple wrap skirt: from a boutique on my honeymoon
Ivory/gold ballet flats: Aerosoles
Pearls: Misaki, a gift (they really do go with everything!)

Where: garden cafe for lunch with my grandmother, buying seeds, toddler-wrangling.


  1. I'm entranced by the shiny... Seriously, I love the shirt. And the skirt. And the ensembles.


  2. Love Love Love the purple, gray and yellow combination, that's just too cute. And, yeah, I totally get the changing clothes. I do it too.

  3. Thanks ladies! I'm newly enamored of this color palette. I'm going to have to see what else I can put together!