May 14, 2011

Tequila sunrise

A Saturday post! Woohoo!
Well, I'm dressed much more interestingly than yesterday, you have to give me that. And yes, I do resemble a tequila sunrise. I'm wearing a veritable symphony of coral today!
This outfit started with the skirt, and then I decided to try yesterday's peach cardigan with it. It doesn't exactly match, but it sort of goes. Then the coral shoes, of course, and to truly put myself in the realm of no return, a polka-dotted coral flower pin. And voila!
It's bright, yes, but I like it. And I did say I was trying to add in more color!

Peach cardigan: Target
White tank: Kohl's
Tiered coral skirt: Old Navy
Coral and tan sandals: Bass
Polka-dotted coral flower pin: Icing

Where: hosting a belated Mother's Day brunch at my house, shopping, assorted Saturday stuff.

May 13, 2011

Well, at least I'm wearing a new color

Today was just... weird and off-putting and full of bad parenting moments. And now I'm realizing that probably had something to do with it being Friday the 13th. Way to put two and two together, self!
I wore this outfit half the day and gardening clothes the other half. I had to take advantage of the sun - and warmth! It's supposed to rain for something like six months straight starting tomorrow.
This outfit bores me to look at it. I feel like I've worn the exact same thing SO MANY TIMES... although this time I'm bringing a new peach cardigan into play. I know, I know, I can feel your excitement from here.

Peach cardigan: Target
White v-neck t-shirt: Kohl's
Brown cargo pants: Kohl's
Bronze flats: Target
Orange pendant: Baked Beads

(Wow. Even the source list is boring. Sorry.)

Where: Garden nursery, music class, Home Depot, shopping, healthy lunch from a hot dog cart (washed down with chocolate-covered marshmallows), more shopping. Then lots and lots of gardening, although not in these clothes! Even I have my limits.

(Edited to add: Wow. After posting this I noticed that I coordinate EXACTLY with the colors of our blog. Now I don't feel so boring anymore; more like I'm making some sort of branding statement. Woo!)

It's Friday and It's Warm

Typically you would find me wearing jeans on a Friday; however, the beautiful weather enticed me into wearing a linen dress and my new most favorite tunic AND my cowgirl fake cow hide sandals. Awwwwwwwww, warm weather. How I love thee.

The Outfit:
Tunic (remixed): Merona
Linen dress: TJ Maxx from years ago
Sandals: Franco Sarto

Work, lunch with friend, home

May 12, 2011


Hello! Did you miss me? I went on a short trip to Florida with my husband and some friends. No kids, just sleeping and reading and laying in the sun. It was sunny perfection. Too short, but perfection. And - I kept my word, I took photos while I was gone. So. Let's begin, shall we?

This was my travel outfit on the way to Florida. We had to leave our house at the insanely early hour of 4:40 a.m. And it was cold here. So I tried to wear something that would be comfortable on a chilly plane but cool enough that I wouldn't roast when I got there. I was sort of successful.
I love this little chiffon top but - yet again - I bought it a size too big. So when I got to Florida and tried to go cardigan-less, I was pretty much falling out of my shirt. So sad. I'll have to take in the straps to make it not so cleavagey.
(I took this photo after a full day of traveling, so forgive the rumpling. Also I had to change back into it to take the photo because I was in such a hurry to go swimming when we arrived, I forgot the photograph. Oh well.)

Brown cardigan: Target
Floral ruffled tank: Old Navy
Navy jeans: Lauren Conrad bootcut
Coral and tan sandals: Bass

Vacation outfit number one. I really hate the sight of my knees, but sometimes that just can't be helped. I also can't decide if this top is more Old Hollywood or Old Lady, but I like it so I don't care either way.

Floaty transparent top: Adrienne Vittadini via Marshall's
White tank: Old Navy
Tan shorts: Old Navy
Beaded "peacock" sandals: Chinese Laundry

Vacation outfit number two. Not much to say about this one, except that I love sundresses in the summer. And I love the aqua/turquoise color of this print.

Turquoise jersey dress: Target
Cropped cardigan: Old Navy
Beaded "peacock" sandals: Chinese Laundry
Giant starfish necklace: Self-made from a bead shop

Vacation outfit number three. This was a super casual day during which I made a huge spicy shrimp boil. I wasn't about to dress up, but I still wanted some color. This necklace is one of my very favorite items of all time.

Sunflower yellow tank: Lands End
Long olive shorts: Dockers
Coral and tan sandals: Bass
Wooden bead necklace: Local jewelry shop

Vacation outfit number four: Okay, I forgot to take a picture of myself that day. I had to crop this one out of another photo... you'll have to use your imagination, I guess! I wore this kneelength ruffled sundress with the coral sandals from above.

Brown/pink/purple floral sundress: Old Navy
White camisole: Costco
Coral and tan sandals: Bass

All too soon, time to go home. This was my travel outfit on the way back. My jeans were too saggy to wear again (don't you hate that about jeans with "stretch?" On me, they're only good for one day) but I wanted my legs covered because I get cold on planes.
Side note: Did you know that if you wear a long skirt on a plane you are more likely to get frisked because you might be concealing who-only-knows-what under your skirt? Well. Now you know.

Butterfly-print maxi dress: Old Navy
White camisole: Costco
White cardigan: Target
Beaded "peacock" sandals: Chinese Laundry
Mini starfish necklace: Target
Long chain: gift

So. That's it! Back to reality now. Re-entry is always the hardest part.

Frumptastic in Charge

I look like I'm totally in charge of something in this photo. And how many people remember the 80's situation comedy Charles in Charge? I sure do!! And the song is in my head right now as I type! Go me! And now I just distracted reading the bios of the child actors from the show.

This is a dress from one of my favorite online shops, Shabby Apple. I haven't purchased from them in a while because I was really disappointed with their customer service. But then I reminded myself that they are a small shop and they can't handle returns and shipping out items as fast as my FAVORITE online shop, Zapppos. Shabby Apple is good about answering questions about fit and giving suggestions for dresses. They've expanded a lot since I first started shopping there. The one thing I do like is that they design their clothes so that you don't have to wear something else underneath to cover yourself up. I think I have about five dresses from them and the one I am wearing is my favorite. It's your basic black jersey dress jazzed up a little with the side tie around the neck. And like all of the dresses I've tried, it fits well.

The Oufit:
Black jersey dress: Shabby Apple
Shoes: Merona

Where: Vet's office, work, errands, home