July 21, 2011

Hot, hot, hot

(Not my outfit, the weather.)
I wore this tonight to host a casual dinner party at our house. It's still crazy hot here, and I needed to be cool but presentable too... Of course now that I'm looking at the photo, my shorts (these ones) look kind of shapeless and baggy... but I'm going to blame that on the fact that I took this photo at the end of the night after cooking/grilling/making ice cream sundaes for the kids.

Ruffled coral/tan tank: Testament
Brown tank (underneath): Old Navy
Olive-drab linen shorts: Gap
Bronze flats: Target
Yellow rubber watch: swag from my husband's old job

Where: hosting a casual dinner party (six adults, five kids) at our house.

Nobody needs to see this

I haven't posted much this week. Do you want to know why? I present to you the above photo of yesterdays' outfit.
This week has been hot, and muggy, and did I mention HOT? My days have consisted of sweating, and digging in the sand with my son, and fishing frisbees out of the lake. In short, I have not dressed up. In fact I have barely dressed at all.
Yesterday I wore a dress for the simple reason that it was cooler than shorts. I got the dirtiest I think I have ever gotten while wearing a dress. And note the footwear! Dinner was a picnic at a farm. I wore studded sandals for most of the day, but I really just wanted my feet covered when walking though a barnyard; that's just me.
(I realize this post sounds very complainy. I don't mean it; I've had some awesome days this week. Well, except for the heat part. I mean it about that.)

Purple jersey dress: Target
Yellow tank: Lands End
Sexy amphibious sandals: Teva
Small starfish necklace: Target
Dirt: courtesy of beach, park, gym and farm.

Where: Park/beach playdate, grocery store, work at home, swimming lesson, picnic and concert at a nearby farm.

July 18, 2011

Shoeless Saturday

It was hot on Saturday. Really hot. And I am not a hot-weather person. So this is what I wore. I did pretty much nothing on Saturday, didn't once get in the car. I could have put on shoes for this picture, but that would be a lie. It was a no-shoes kind of day.

Coral tank: Target
Print skirt: Old Navy, shortened by me
Giant starfish necklace: self-made at bead shop
Yellow rubber watch: swag from my husband's old job

Where: Lazy Saturday at home. The best kind.

Worst Blogger EVAH!

I apologize for my lack of blogging. It seems that life has gotten in the way. We spent last week in Seattle for a little vacation. I planned on taking photos there but with all the business, I plum forgot! Having fun can get in the way of blogging too.

I did purchase a few new items for my wardrobe. We scurried up to a super fine outlet north of the city and I FINALLY bought some new gap jeans. I love their Long and Lean jeans because I don't have the constant fear I will be exposing some crackerage and they are not so high up that I could be on a commercial for Mom Jeans. Win win! I found two cute shirts in the BR Outlet two which are colorful, light and perfect for summer. I wore one yesterday and I plan on wearing the other on Friday. With my new jeans, of course!

Besides my lack of posting, I've been neglecting the gym and it shows. I plan on returning to said gym and getting all fit and sh*t. It will be rad fab (ridiculously fabulous!)

I hope to post tomorrow night. I'll have the good professor take a photo of me tomorrow night after work and from there, I shall go forth and POST!