May 27, 2011

Another orphan garment

Welcome to Friday, when the temperature drops twenty degrees, and it rains all over my plans for an outdoor concert date tonight with my husband. Boo.
In the spirit of my continuing mission to wear every unworn item in my closet, I present to you this ruffled tank. I still love the color and fabric - but if there's one thing this blog has pointed out to me in glaring detail, it's my insistence on buying things too big. Here is another victim. But I think I can get away with this one, despite its habit of showing off my bra when I lean forward. I'm going to teach myself to create bra stays and sew them into all of my shirts. Problem solved! At least, partially.

Brown cardigan: Ann Taylor
Stone-colored ruffled tank: Old Navy
Jeans: Levi's Curve ID
Beaded ballet flats: Naughty Monkey (see them better here)
Petrified wood necklace: from a trunk show in Boston many years ago
Musical accompaniment: maracas

Where: Bank, music class, garden store, grocery store, two full-on meltdowns (toddler), one mini crying spell (mine), work at home.

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