January 07, 2012

It's Friday and I'm in love

A two-outfit Friday! Woohoo!
This first outfit was worn to go to a doctor's appointment, take down Christmas decorations, and then play outside (driveway hockey! woot!) with my little guy. I like the colors together, although I'm still undecided about the jauntiness of the flight-attendant-style scarf. I got this scarf a few years ago when I lost my hair, but never ended up wearing it on my head... although I still like it! And pink kind of forces you to be cheerful.
I coveted these boots for a year or two before I finally got them about a month ago. They're bulky, but I still love them. Anything with faux fur trim has that affect on me. And they keep my ankles dry in the winter, which around here is a big plus.

Scarf: Vera Bradley
Pink-and-tan striped sweater: Old Navy
Brown vest: TJMaxx
Jeans: Calvin Klein lean bootcut
Boots: Sorel Joan of Arctic

Where: Doctor's appointment, home, driveway hockey.

Friday night was date night! Nothing fancy, which honestly suits us just fine. Mexican food and Tom Cruise... really, can you ask for anything more?

Camel flyaway cardigan: Target
Red ruched sleeveless sweater: Gap
Skinny jeans: Lauren Conrad
Brown boots: Target
Brown studded belt: "vintage" Gap, thrifted
Circle necklace: Kohls

Where: date night!

January 04, 2012

Top secret

I only got to shoot one frame of my outfit this morning before we were out the door. We were playing hooky, you see, and we had to get off on our adventure! My husband, son, and I took the day off from all of our various obligations and headed off for a great day together. I can't tell you where, unfortunately; that's classified. But it was well worth it.

Brown turtleneck tunic: CAbi
Grey fleece vest: Old Navy
Grey skinny jeans: Old Navy
Brown boots: Target

Where: Playing hooky, and then a continuing ed class in the evening.

January 03, 2012


It's going to be hard to make this out because it's all black, but this is a shift sweaterdress with a ballerina wrap cardigan over the top. And this is one of the least likely outfits I could ever see myself wearing, much less liking...
I thrifted this sweaterdress with Frumptastic when she was here last week. I barely wanted to try it on - it's all black, and a weird length. Plus I don't usually like things that are clingy and/or unshaped. But the fabric was nice and heavy, and the price was superlow, so I tried it on. And, huh. It looked pretty decent. It actually wasn't as shapeless as it looked on the hanger, and it was WARM, and I figured I could work around the weird length by wearing boots. So it came home with me, and I couldn't be happier about it. Especially since this is the coldest day of the year so far, and my legs are wrapped in leggings AND wearing a sweater. Happy.

Black sweaterdress: thrifted
Wrap cardigan: boutique in Providence (see it better here)
Black harness boots: Target
Silver link necklace: Kohls

Where: Preschool pickup/dropoff, tons of work at home, lunch with my grandmother, gymnastics class, errands.

Cocoa, again

Monday's outfit! Only a semi-holiday here; things seemed like a pretty normal Monday actually.
I do seem to be having an infatuation with brown lately. Brown and purple. There really isn't much more to say about this outfit except: I don't think I can think of a more comfy, soothing color palette out there. And it makes me want hot chocolate.

Brown wool sweater vest: TJMaxx?
Purple long-sleeve shirt: Old Navy
Brown jeans: CAbi
Brown harness boots: White Mountain
Bird-charm link bracelet: Baked Beads

Where: Work at home, swim lessons, cooking/cleaning, committee meeting.