November 26, 2011

Wine and chocolate

Well. This may be the winner for worst-quality photo I've posted here. Sorry.

I wore this for a day-after-Thanksgiving tree-lighting and family party. I swear it looked better in person! The sweater is a lightweight wool and sort of a heathered burgundy color. The jeans are brown. It's sort of a wine-and-chocolate pairing (my favorite working-late-at-my-home-desk treat)... And the leaf pin you've seen before here. Overall I thought it was a good Thanksgiving color scheme.

Burgundy wool cowlneck sweater: Target
Brown jeans: CAbi
Brown harness boots: White Mountain
"Jeweled" leaf pin: thrifted

Where: town tree-lighting, family dinner party.

November 24, 2011

Sea of silver

Hello! And Happy Thanksgiving! In an unprecedented turn of events, I'm offering a photo not taken in my usual surroundings. This is, of course, because I forgot to take my photo before I left for Thanksgiving dinner and thus had to creep up to my parents' guest room and photograph myself with my grandfather's old upholstered recliner in the background (which I love, because it reminds me of him). I have to say, though, I love this room. The sloped ceilings make me feel like a giant. And I am not a tall person.

Silver cropped silk jacket: Ann Taylor, thrifted
Long-sleeve t-shirt: Banana Republic from a bajillion years ago
Wide-leg tweedy trousers: CAbi
Grey buckle boots: White Mountain
Silver link bracelet: Tiffany, a gift
Silver sequined hair clip: F21 (And I would like to know WHO put those grey hairs in there? I wasn't notified.)

Where: Thanksgiving dinner!

November 22, 2011


I got a few enthusiastic compliments on this sweater today. Which is funny because it's really a very ordinary sweater overall; it's just those "leather" accents on the shoulder that seem to get people's attention. But I like it. And it was well suited for Action Tuesday.

Wool cowlneck sweater with "leather" shoulders: TJMaxx? Marshalls? Can't remember.
Pink long-sleeve shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: Calvin Klein lean bootcut
Brown harness boots: White Mountain
Yellow rubber watch: swag from my husband's old job

Where: Open gym, errands (during which I managed to shut my coat in the car door while outside of the car, very graceful and all caught on the bank camera system), lunch with my grandmother, more errands, gymnastics class, dealing with the oven repair guy. (Yes, the oven is broken! Right before Thanksgiving!) Oh - and cleaning up the TEN presents the dog left in five different rooms while we were out doing the aforementioned. Why did I want a dog, again? Ugh.

Now: eating cookies and drinking wine.

November 21, 2011

Blending into the background

I swear, this outfit looked better in person. The shoes and cardigan are gold metallic, not the blah beige they seem here... but the proportions are kind of off. I wish the cardigan was longer. Maybe next time I'll wear it with wide-leg pants. That might help. On whole I wasn't super-impressed with this outfit, but the one I had planned to wear ended up not working either! Ah well. One of those nights.

Gold metallic cardigan: Old Navy
Cream sweater shell: Liz Claiborne from a billion years ago
Jeans: Calvin Klein lean bootcut
Gold metallic flats: Nine west
Gold and freshwater pearl necklace: Gift from an ex-boyfriend (I only wear this one every few years and usually when my husband's out of town!)
Gold bracelets: Gifts from my aunt and mother-in-law
Ripped curtain in the background: courtesy of my dog, who still cannot contain himself when the UPS truck comes.

Where: out to dinner with friends.