December 03, 2011

Nothing fancy

This was actually yesterday's outfit... it was a cold and busy Friday so my outfit is kind of plain and comfortable. But I do like the low neck on this sweatervest; at least it gives it a slightly interesting proportion...

White v-neck long-sleeve t-shirt: Kohl's
Blue sweatervest: Can't remember, but I suspect TJMaxx
Jeans: Calvin Klein lean bootcut
Brown harness boots: White Mountain
Grey suede rope bracelet: Baked Beads

Where: Christmas decorating, oven repair (again!), jewelry closeout sale, gingerbread-house-building, dinner out BY MYSELF with a good book (hooray!), hockey game (although I'm not sure this even counts since I kept my coat on the whole time).

Pretty awesome day, really, which kind of makes up for Thursday being rotten!

December 02, 2011

Branching out

I've been wanting to try out colored jeans for a while... I keep seeing yellow or red ones online everywhere. Those may be a little bright for me right now... but when I saw these plum-colored ones, I thought they'd make a good first pair. I know, I'm so wild.

Grey three-quarter-sleeve shirt: Old Navy
Grey "moto" sweater vest: Old Navy
Jeans: Lauren Conrad bootcut in "huckleberry"
Black harness boots: Target

Where: Home with a sick boy, visit to the neighbors.

Stripes Please!

For some reason, I had it in my head that I wanted a striped shirt exactly like the one I am wearing. Well, tada! I went shopping with a friend on Saturday and there it was. Sitting on the shelf with its brethren. Waiting to be purchased. At first I picked up the white one with blue stripes but no... It did not have the appeal as this lovely navy blue and grey striped gal sitting a few short piles away. And guess what, she wanted a home. So for a mere $11.97, she became mine.
Actually, this shirt is really soft and I am not fully convinced that this is not a pajama top. I know I always lament about not being able to wear pajamas to the office, so there! I showed them. I am wearing a pajama shirt to work. The only one thing I am not thrilled with is the little pocket. I might try to remove it but I'm worried about the damage I'll cause because let's face it, I'm not Captain Crafty.
The Wear:
Striped! Shirt!: Aerie
Camisole: Banana Republic
Long and Lean (ha!) Jeans: Gap
Scarf: I dunno
Bracelet: All That Glitters
The Where:
Office, Wegman's, Co-Op

December 01, 2011


Okay. These tights make me think of Elphaba from Wicked. Or perhaps the Hulk. I bought them on Saturday at Macy's because they were on sale and I like the color but they definitely need to be worn with boots because if too much is showing, well, I like more like a witch than normal.
I'm not terrible pleased with this outfit. I changed three times. If I could have worn my pajamas to work, a bar association cocktail party and then a science group Christmas party, I would have. And I would have rocked my Middlebury sweatshirt from 1980 (it was my brother-in-law's) like no one's business. But I have to seem somewhat professional so instead I went with mixing brown and black and adding in a hint of Hulk. How awesome is that?
The Wear:
Cashmere sweater: Macy's
Skirt: Marshall's/TJ Maxx
Tights: Hue (for Hulk)
Boots: White Mountain

The Where:
Work (yawn), cocktail party, Christmas/holiday/geek fest (did I mention this is a scientist society party?)

November 30, 2011


I'll admit it: I spent the bulk of today in yoga pants and a huge sweatshirt. I was staying around the house, digging out storage boxes, decorating the Christmas tree and baking; I really didn't see the need to put on anything nice for that! But this evening I had a class, so I dragged myself into some more decent clothes. I'm sure all of my classmates were quite grateful actually.
I like my color palette here because I look like a cup of cocoa. Brown on the bottom, then lighter brown with a marshmallow topping. Mmm, cocoa.

White flyaway cardigan: Cynthia Rowley
Brown v-neck t-shirt: Kohl's
Brown jeans: CAbi
Beaded ballet flats: Naughty Monkey
Pink-and-white bead necklace: Talbots? From a zillion years ago.

Great Great Aunt Bea

Raise your hand if your outfit is inspired by your long deceased somewhat eccentric Great Great Aunt Bea? I thought so. Last night I went to a fundraiser for a therapeutic horse riding center at a store which sells costume jewelry. I spent most of the time trying to balance my wine and cheese on a little tray while trying to figure out what bedazzled headband would fit which niece. I successfully found Christmas gifts for the four younger nieces. Score! And while I was there, I decided to pick up a little something for myself. And that's when I saw it. It being this pin. A bright green and pinkish pin surrounded in fake black and green fur. Although it is ostentatious as all get out, I love it. I love it soooooooo much that I decided to where my black turtleneck and black plants so the pin becomes the ultimate focus of today's ensemble. And that, my friends, is what my Great Great Aunt Bea would do.
The Wear:
Brooch: All That Glitters
Turtleneck: Mossimo
Camisole: Forever 21?
Pants: Merona Fit 2
Shoes: Dansko Clogs (it's doing the wintry mix thing so I need to wear "sensible" shoes.)
The Where:
The office, preschool pickup, Qdoba for dinner with boy, Target for diapers, home and hopefully early bedtime as the young one is not feeling well, like me, and woke up at too early o'clock and wanted us to "Please stand UP!"

November 29, 2011


Hello and welcome to Action Tuesday! Today's outfit was inspired by Kendi's lookbook for Fossil - where she advises taking a sleeveless dress into winter by wearing it with a cardigan and vest (#21 in her lookbook). I didn't have exactly the same elements she did - and my look is a little more rough-and-tumble - but I think this worked. I'll have to try it again with some other dresses. And the boots and leggings made wearing a dress entirely suitable for Action Tuesday.

Floral sundress (seen briefly before here): Old Navy
Brown cardigan: Target
Brown vest: LL Bean
Brown leggings: Old Navy
Brown boots: Target
Yellow rubber watch: swag from my husband's old job

Where: Preschool dropoff, library, drycleaners, post office, blood draw, bank, home store, bottle return center, mall errand, meeting with contractor, preschool pickup, lunch with my grandmother, negotiating a small-boy-meltdown in the parking lot, shopping for Christmas decorations, gymnastics class, and home for cartoons and popcorn on the couch.

(Phew. I'm glad Action Tuesday only comes once a week.)

Comfy Cozy Day

And.........................Frumptastic is back. I decided to take a sabbatical during the warmer months because we traveled and I got distracted by shiny things. So anyway, I'm back. It's almost December and that means dressing in layers and trying not to look like a bulky roll. I titled my post "Comfy Cozy Day" because my son's preschool is having comfy cozy day and he dressed in a Middlebury sweatshirt and sweatpants this morning. Can I say, jealous much? We both have colds so sweats are much more appealing than office wear.
I suppose I am not dressed in comfy cozy. Instead let's call it "Librarian Chic." Once upon a time, okay yesterday, I wanted to be a librarian. So it is only appropriate that I dress like one today so I can pretend I am not what I really am. Follow?
This outfit is centered around a LAURA ASHLEY sweater. My teenage years centered around LAURA ASHLEY clothes when wearing floral dresses was really cool when you were 15. Wait, it wasn't? There was a Laura Ashely in our hometown and my brother's ex-girlfriend worked there so score! Bright blue and pink floral dresses galore! Now I do not think you can find a Laura Ashley store in the U.S. (at least not anywhere near me and that's what matters) so I can no longer drape myself in floral frocks. Sad. Actually, the last time I saw a Laura Ashley store was in Helsinki, Finland. Weird, right?
The Wear:
Sweater: LAURA ASHLEY (duh)
Dress: Mossimo
Tissue long sleeved tee: J. Crew
Tights: Target
Boots: White Mountain
The Where:
Office, Home. Not to the gym. Running in wool is itchy.

November 28, 2011

Close but not quite

Do you ever have one of those days where nothing seems to fit and everything just seems... wrong? That was today for me. This sweater seemed like a good idea in the morning, but I was too cold with the front open, and too puffy to want my stomach on display. So then the belt seemed like a good idea... but this is clearly the wrong belt. Note to self for next time: Thicker belt. Or sweatpants.

Camel cardigan: Target
White v-neck t-shirt: Kohls
Skinny jeans: Lauren Conrad
Brown boots: Target
Belt: "vintage" Gap, thrifted
Necklace: self-made

Where: Mechanic, errands, cooking.