March 26, 2011

Outfit: March 26, 2011

Grey wool dress: J.Crew, on supersale and then altered
Wrap cardigan: boutique in Providence
Boots: Tsubo Kampot
Argyle tights: Goodwill (new not used, used tights would be kind of weird)
Necklace: Baked Beads
Bracelet: a gift, Tiffany

Where: Memorial service for a friend.

Outfit #2: March 25, 2011

This is actually a pretty plain outfit, but it elicited a compliment from my husband, so I'll take that as good!

Metallic cowlneck sweater: Ann Taylor LOFT
Pinstripe pants: Old Navy from many years ago, back when their quality was better
Pointy boots: Rockport
Silver belt: TJ Maxx
Bracelet: gift, Tiffany

Where: Date night! Whee!

March 25, 2011

Outfit: March 25, 2011

Oh, look who is back! It's Frumptastic being especially frumpy. Somebody needs a full mirror for the mornings so she can see that she might look pregnant when she is not actually pregnant. Yay! I wanted to go with a somewhat business on top party on the bottom look but I sort of failed. The sweater vest is cut too low and has an empire waist going on. It ends up looking misshapen and unbalanced. Sort of like my boobages. This weekend I intend to do a closet clean out as we are getting out house prepared for selling. I am hoping that I can weed out my clothes and perhaps find some treasures hidden in the depth of my closet. We shall see.

Black sweater vest: Old Navy
White button down shirt: Teeej purchase
Long and lean jeans (more like wide ass on me): Gap
Clogs (shocker): Dansko
Necklace: Superhero Designs

Where: work, lunch with friend, picking up the little man at the early learning center (that's a snobby way of saying daycare), dinner with friends.

Outfit: March 25, 2011

Do you ever have one of those days when things are just... not right? Nothing fits, my hair's a disaster, my skin looks awful. One of those days. Anyhow, I had a completely different outfit on this morning but it was just too cold. I needed something comfy... I needed something cashmere. (I love the pattern of this scarf but have not yet successfully figured out how to wear it. I only had it on a few hours today before I felt too Rydell High and took it off.)

Asymmetric cashmere sweater: Alfani/Macy's from a zillion years ago
Navy jeans: Lauren Conrad
Grey flannel loafers: Nicole from ages ago
Scarf: Vera Bradley
Bracelet: a gift, Tiffany

Where: Music class, groceries, work at home.

You may get another outfit post tonight - it's date night! Let's see if I can find something to wear that breaks me out of this blah mood.

March 24, 2011

Outfit: March 24, 2011

I wore this cardigan/vest pretty much nonstop around the holidays - I can't believe winter almost ended without me posting it here! It comes with a bathrobe-esque belt that I've never liked. So I started out today wearing this belt over it instead, then just ditched the belt altogether, which was much more realistic for my day's activities anyhow.

Faux-fur-trim vest: Macy's
Striped shirt: Kohl's
Jeans: Calvin Klein bootcut
Harness boots: White Mountain
"Vintage" butterfly bracelet: Forever 21 (bought it last year, but this is my first time wearing it, and man it's heavy!)

Where: Veterinarian, work at home, washing one extremely muddy dog, unspeakable amounts of laundry.

March 23, 2011

Outfit: March 23, 2011

This is a rather boring color palette but I couldn't resist wearing this scarf since it's exactly the same colors as the shirt. And this is my all-time favorite t-shirt. I ordered it online and once it arrived I went back to get more, but they were gone. Now I'm on an eternal quest to find it again.
Interesting by-product of this daily photo thing: I'm becoming much more aware of what is actually flattering on me, versus what I thought was flattering on me. Not always the same thing.

Striped drape-neck shirt: Gap
Ivy-print scarf: Lands End Canvas
Jeans: Calvin Klein bootcut
Harness boots: Target
Studded grey bracelet: Baked Beads

Today I needed to be dressed for action. Where: Work at home, gymnastics class, errands, more work at home, and pizza/arcade tonight.

March 22, 2011

Outfit: March 22, 2011

New mini-resolution: Don't just save the "fancier" clothes for special occasions. I would say my wardrobe is divided roughly 60/40 between everyday clothes and "fancier" clothes. That means I'm waiting to wear 40% of my clothes on maybe 5% of my days. Besides, who says you can't wear sequins to the library?
On another note, I'm still not loving these jeans. I dragged them out of my "seldom worn" pile recently - they're purportedly "slimming" but I actually think they add bulk and look suspiciously like mom jeans. My regular jeans are more slimming. These may go into the next Goodwill box.

Sequin-trim cardigan: Kohls
Red tank sweater: Gap from a zillion years ago
Jeans: Levi's 512
Harness boots: Target
Necklace: Kohls (I adore this necklace, it goes with everything I own. I'd link to it here but I don't think they make it anymore.)

Where: Storytime at the library, errands, work at home, farmshare pickup and dinner at my parents' house.

March 21, 2011

Outfit: March 21, 2011

We had such a gorgeous weekend that I was all excited for spring to arrive. This is what I put on this morning. Did this outfit last in this incarnation? No, it did not. Right after I took this photo, it started snowing. So the shoes got swapped and the cardigan got buttoned and the scarf got tied up around my neck. Someday winter will end.

Striped t-shirt: Costco
Cardigan: Target
Jeans: Levi's 512 (supposedly "slimming" but I am skeptical)
Shoes: Target
Scarf: Forever 21
Circle bracelet:

Where: Working at home, unpacking, laundry, cleaning, general catching-up.

March 20, 2011

Weekend outfits

So! I was on the road this weekend with my family. For the first time (ever), instead of just tossing some items in a bag and figuring it out later, I planned and packed outfits. I have been reading a lot about packing a capsule wardrobe and this was my first attempt. I started by picking one item that I would wear every day - in this case, the boots. They set the black-and-grey based color scheme for the weekend.

Friday's outfit:
Blue three-quarter-sleeve t-shirt: Old Navy
Sweater tunic: Old Navy
Leggings: Old Navy
Boots: Target
Studded grey bracelet: Baked Beads

This was apparently a very Old-Navy-heavy day. Where: music class, packing, a long car ride, unpacking at a hotel, dinner at family's house.

Saturday's outfit:
Polka-dot blouse: JC Penney
Camisole: Costco
Cardigan: Old Navy
Skinny jeans: Gap
Double-loop necklace: Kohl's
Boots: Target
Big black ring:
Zebra-print belt (too bad you can't see it!): thrifted

I actually wore this most of the day with this yellow scarf. Where: awake at an ungodly hour, breakfast and swimming in the hotel, shopping, lunch, nap, dinner with family again.

Sunday's outfit:
Black cowlneck tunic: Macy's
Grey skinny jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Target
Bracelet: gift, Tiffany

This outfit took a beating before I got a chance to photograph it. Please excuse the baggy knees and dust! I also wore the yellow scarf with this outfit much of the day. Where: again awake at an ungodly hour, breakfast in hotel, re-packing, errands, long drive home with stops for lunch and shopping, then two hours of playing in the muddy backyard. Time for an early bedtime, I think!

So, there it is, my first attempt at a capsule wardrobe! Actually I quite liked it. I liked already knowing every day (when it was hectic get-ready time) what I was going to wear. And I packed lighter than I ever had before, but felt good about how I looked each day. Definitely going to do this again!