April 08, 2011

Outfit: April 8, 2011

Today is casual Friday at work and I think I went overboard on the casual part. These pants are too long, the shoes are bleh (but comfortable!), and my pants are falling down if I don't wear a belt. However, I took off my belt because it made my shirt look lumpy but who cares about that when it looks like my pants are eating my feet! Nom nom nom. Today I do not care because I am, like The Plumage, a bit defeated, tired, and stressed. Being a Legal Diva (heh,) wife, mother to a toddler, and getting our house ready to sell is a wee bit stressful. Just a little. And tiring. Did I mention the tiredness? A noontime cappuccino did not create loads of energy for me.

The Outfit
Sweater: Motherhood Maternity (Again, not pregnant. I think I need some cardigans)
Shirt: Banana Republic
Cords: Old Navy
Shoes: Mossimo

Where: work, The Co-Op, Lowes to buy this. I know. It's multiple shades of AWESOME!

Outfit: April 8, 2011

Wow, this week has been kind of brutal with the lack of sleep and toddler meltdowns. Today brought a huge grocery-store meltdown (not mine, though I was close) that was so epic, some strangers actually suggested to the clerk that he give me my groceries for free so that I could leave. True story. Luckily people are pretty sympathetic around here; I live in a rather liberal town.
Anyhow, today's outfit was all about comfort and a little bit of TGIF. Plus I'm giving some of my winter things one last whirl before springtime is truly upon us.

Cowlneck wool sweater-vest: TJ Maxx (I think)
Pink boatneck t-shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: Calvin Klein bootcut
Harness boots: White Mountain
Engraved bird bracelet: Kohl's

Where: car breakdown (luckily only in my driveway), music class, grocery store, work at home, playing outside, baking a cake, movie night with my little man.

April 07, 2011

Outfit #2: April 7, 2011

I know the proportions of this dress are slightly off on me, but I fell in love with the pleated and patterned skirt. I feel somewhere between Mod and traditional Scandinavian when I wear it... It came with a plain black tie belt but I always wear a different belt instead. I like the shade of this belt, but it refused to sit still and I kept adjusting it all night. I need to figure out some way to secure it better so it's not always sliding around.
And the boots. Man, oh man, do I love these boots. There are very few boots that actually fit me (apparently I have gigantic calves) but these do, and while they're not very practical for my daily life, I wear them every chance I get. They're a slightly unusual shade of grey so they rarely match exactly - but I don't even care. Also, it may be a little optimistic to wear bare legs since it snowed yesterday... but I'm done playing around with winter. It's time for spring regardless of what the thermometer says.

Turtleneck dress: Spense (TJMaxx)
Metallic belt: Macy's
Grey ruffled wedge boots: Kohl's
Bracelet: gift, Tiffany

Where: Thrifting and dinner with a girlfriend. (Thanks, D!)

Outfit #1: April 7, 2011

I'm feeling a little bit like I should go clamming in my outfit today. If my boots were rubber and not leather, I'd be all set!
Anyhow, believe it or not, I built this outfit around the lobster necklace, a birthday gift from my sister with which I am madly in love. Stripes seemed appropriately nautical and the rest followed from there. This is another remix; you've seen all of these items recently, just not in this combination.

You'll get another outfit tonight too, you lucky readers. I've got a sitter and I'm going out!

Striped t-shirt: Costco
Boyfriend cardigan: Old Navy
Skinny jeans: Gap
Boots: Target
Lobster necklace: gift from my sister
Multi-tone gold bracelets: gifts

Where: Working at home, obscene amounts of laundry, playing outside in the mud.

Outfit: April 7, 2011

Do you know what is great about getting your house ready to sell? NOTHING! Well, except that it forces you to go through your collection of crap you've been collecting over the years and PURGE, Baby, PURGE! (That was not an endorsement for drilling or Sarah Palin. I do not like either of them unless they involve...oh never mind.) Last night while my husband graded some poor college students' labs, I decided to tackle a bin of clothes in our basement. With a beer. Because beer helps the purge process.

So anyhow, I put anything that looked like there was no way in hell I could ever wear again into a bag to give away and I ended up filling up a large Babies 'R' Us bag. Tomorrow I have to leave a note to myself to bring it into work to give to someone's daughter. Yeah for recycling! And yeah for early onset memory loss! Speaking of memory loss, I found my first grey hair while getting my hair did. The aging process commences.

In the process of purging, I did a little binging. I rediscovered some items in my wardrobe which have been hidden for the last few years. After chugging my beer, I carried up my finds and planned my outfits for the next two days! It was like shopping but without getting the stink eye from my husband who does not understand that you can never have too many black shirts, black pants, shoes, etc. etc. So without further ado, I bring you the result of last night's binge and purge:

The Outfit
Black Swing Jacket: Motherhood Maternity (Again! Not! Pregnant!)
Green shirt: Banana Republic
Grey Skirt: T.J. Maxx from when I lived in Salt Lake City. So yeah, like from a wicked long time ago.
Navy Blue Tights: JC Penney
Pink Shoes: mossimo

Oh! And last night I finally got my hair did and got chunky bangs. I would show you but then there would go the whole anonymous thing and for now we are anonymous. Well, at least until someone wants to pay us big money for this gig.

Where: Work, picking up the little guy, Arby's (little guy does not get Arby's), looking at houses.

April 06, 2011

Outfit: April 6, 2011

I knew things were a little off-kilter today; this photo just proves it. Why do I look so... crooked?
Anyhow, for all the wonderful laziness of yesterday, today has proven to be barely controlled chaos. I guess some days are like that. Plus - it's snowing again. On April 6th. WTH, weather?

Lilac cardigan: Target
Striped boatneck t-shirt: French Connection
Navy bootcut jeans: Lauren Conrad
Harness boots: Target
Pink beaded necklace: Kohl's

Where: Actually nowhere. Due to circumstances beyond my control, Action Wednesday was abruptly replaced by Sleep-Deprived Toddler Meltdown Wednesday. So I've stayed close to home so far. And accomplished exactly nothing.

Outfit: April 6, 2011

This where I thank Suburban Plumage for inviting me to this blog. For a while, I have been wanting to dress better, more fun (funner), and hit the thrift stores but I haven't had the motivation or the courage. I read Mighty Girl religiously and have always been inspired by her style and ability to find the coolest stuff at flea markets and thrift stores. The difference: She lives in San Francisco and I live in an unfashionable small city in the Midwest.

This dress is a find at a thrift store. How happy was I when I learned it was half off at the register! One surprising thing about this dress is that despite the synthetic material, it is really soft and comfortable. For a Frumptastic girl, that is important. I did not try it on in the store so this morning I worried that it would not actually fit. Thankfully, it does and it is, dare I say, flattering. Now I am ready to head back and perhaps snatch another dress I saw on the rack. Let's hope it is still there!

Dress: thrifted
Leggings: unknown
Ballet shoes: mossimo

Where: work, hairdresser, and Lowes.

I have to say that I feel really confident in my dress. I am sitting up taller and actually smiling!! Who does that these days?

April 05, 2011

Outfit: April 5, 2011

So... yes, it's my birthday. And no, I have no big plans to celebrate... people seem shocked by that, but all I really wanted was a day with no obligations and no stress. So that's what I'm giving myself. I'm being lazy and doing only the work I feel like doing... for one day at least.
I wanted to wear my favorite dress/tunic today - but what do you know, it's cold, grey and rainy, and an orange chiffon dress wasn't quite right. Still, even if you're sitting at home on your birthday, you should have some sparkle, right? So I threw on this metallic t-shirt. I got this shirt a few years ago because I liked the banded neckline, but it's kind of... blousey. I need to figure out how to style it so it doesn't look like maternity wear. But for today, it's basically fancy pajamas and that's perfect.

Metallic banded-neck shirt: Dana Buchman (Kohl's)
Ruffled flyaway cardigan: Marshall's
Navy bootcut jeans: Lauren Conrad
Grey buckle boots: White Mountain
Aqua bubble ring (whoops, you can't see it!): Baked Beads

Where: Lazing around the house, out to lunch with my husband and son, staying in. Hooray!

Outfit: April 5, 2011

It's too cold to go outside so it is back to indoor hoots. What are hoots you ask? As Suburban Plumage thought, they are not something "porno." Instead, my iPhone auto correct changed my mistyping of "photos" to "hoots." For some bizarre reason, I took a liking to hoots and thus and therefore, all photos henceforth shall be known as hoots. So yeah.

We bring you back from this random tangent to discuss my outfit.

Shirt: Target
Pants: Banana Republic
Tank: Elle from Kohls
Shoes: mossimo
Goldfish in a Pond Baked Clay Necklace: Charm Lady Boutique at Etsy

After perusing her shop, I am thinking I want the Mod Foliage Pendant, Peacock Plum Resin Ring, and Typewriter Birdie Bubble Pendant.

I love how Etsy has made it so much easier for craftsmen, artisans, and various other creative folks to display and sell their goods.

Where: Work and veterinarian's office.

And finally...

Happy Birthday, Suburban Plumage!!! <3

April 04, 2011

Outfit: April 4, 2011

This is a weird day. It's raining and warm, and at one point, we had lightening. I am not used to this sixty some-odd degree weather. I couldn't figure out how to not wear five layers of sweaters and a big fuzzy Russian hat. So basically, I wore the almost identical outfit from last week BUT I am wearing one of my other eight pairs of black trousers and blue flats. And a necklace. Wow. Aren't I freakin' creative. OH! I almost forgot. I rolled up the pants a little to give them a warmish summery fun loving sort of feel. (Translation: they are too long with flats and I don't want them dragging on the wet ground.)

I did buy a fun dress at a vintage store on Friday on super sale. Let's all high five that! Said dress will appearing in a post near you very soon!

The Outfit
Blouse/tunic thing: Merona
Black trousers: Merona
Blue shoes: xhiliration
Seriously, Target? Please sponsor a wardrobe, I mean, outfit for me.
Necklace: All That Glitters

Where: Work, lunch with friend, Co-Op

Outfit: April 4, 2011

So this outfit is a remix in every sense of the word - you've seen all these pieces in the past few weeks, just not all together. But I'm still sick today and so I reached for old, comfortable favorites. Taking my photo every day has made me realize there are some real workhorses in my wardrobe - this brown cardigan is certainly one of them! And these boots, which really need to go to the cobbler for new heels - but I can't spare them from the rotation until it warms up.

Brown cardigan: Target
Purple jersey dress: Target
Brown leggings: Old Navy
Harness boots: White Mountain
Scarf: TJ Maxx
Wings ring: Payless

Where: Tons of errands, work at home, hopefully a pre-birthday pedicure and then dinner at my aunt's.