May 26, 2011

Odds and ends

So... I issued a challenge to myself, to start wearing those things in my closet that just sit there. You know the ones, you buy them with high hopes but just can't seem to figure out how to actually... wear them. This skirt was high on that list. It's one of those skirt/dress convertible things that supposedly can be worn So! Many! Ways! I bought it because I loved the color and the slight sheen to the fabric. But, it turns out that none of the "so many ways" is actually in any way comfortable. I tried it pulled up as a tube dress... but couldn't figure out what to do about the bra situation. I tried it as a skirt, but those little darts weren't doing my hips any favors. Finally I settled on doing a high-waisted skirt with a belt. It looks decent in the photo, but in real life I'm feeling rather thick around the middle. Plus the way the skirt is gathered is giving me a supremely unfortunate muffin-top waist.
So, it's back to the drawing board for this one. I hate to get rid of it because I like the color so much. But this is certainly Strike One. Maybe I need to re-waist it? Stay tuned.

White v-neck t-shirt: Kohl's
Peach sundress/skirt: TJ Maxx years ago
Bronze ballet flats: Target
Gold faux double belt: Gap
Stone pendant: made in a bead shop

Where: Toddler playdate & lunch, much work from home, laundry, meeting.


  1. I love the skirt and the way you are wearing it. maybe try a more fitted tee next time? I'm thinking almost like a leotard? I know that sounds weird but I think it would work.

    Dude, you are totally inspiring me to step up my game.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, all my small t-shirts were in the wash (see: previous post regarding muddy shovel attack) so I had to go with a bigger one and it doesn't quite work...

    Also, if I try this again I think I'm gonna need spanx underneath. The muffin top was not pretty.