May 25, 2011


Well! The first truly beautiful day of spring. Not muggy, not rainy, just bright sun and cool breeze. Aahhhh.
This outfit isn't really all that creative but I wanted to look colorful and breezy in honor of spring. I have this dress in three colors: purple, turquoise print, and black. I liked them because the hem length was perfect. But I'm starting to realize that they, too, are a size too big. The waistline is too low, as is the neckline. So I'm trying to get a little more creative about the colors I layer underneath. This is the latest in a series of purple-and-yellow combos that began on Easter.
I should also state for the record that I'm wearing spanx bikeshorts underneath this dress. Less for slimming purposes and more for modesty-when-playing-with-my-son purposes.

White cardigan: Target
Sunflower yellow tank: Lands End
Purple jersey dress: Target
Purple/ivory bow ballet flats: Payless
Tree medallion necklace: TJ Maxx

Where: Playdate, general gallivanting in the sunshine and being a springtime slacker.

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