April 21, 2011

Oufit #1: April 21, 2011

So here it is, April 21 - please note that is a full month into spring - and it's snowing here. Seriously. What's up with this, nature?
Still, I can't help myself from breaking into spring and summer colors, even if I have to wear boots and leggings under my skirts. Which makes me feel a little bit like a frontier woman. Well, I guess it is sort of a frontier, up where I live.
This skirt is a wonderful marigold color in person. My husband picked it out for me on our honeymoon. It's one of those beach-town purchases that's meant to be tied as a dress or a skirt or a sarong - or, you know, a tourniquet, whatever. I'm sure you can find them in lots of places. But he picked this one out, and I picked out a purple one. He was definitely right. I wore this all through the early part of my pregnancy, too, it's so forgiving.

Brown v-neck top: Ann Taylor (It has those little snaps in the shoulder to attach it to your bra straps so they don't show. I am totally enamored of those little snaps. I want to add them to every shirt I own.)
Marigold wrap skirt: Kariza, from a boutique on my honeymoon
Leggings: Vera Wang at Kohl's (good thing you can't see them, because they don't match at all, they're strictly for warmth)
Harness boots: White Mountain (Frumptastic and I have the same exact pair, just half a size different!)
Multitone bracelet: a gift
Orange pendant: Baked Beads

Where: Costco, garden store, lunch with my grandmother, getting hit in the jaw with a basketball (not by my grandmother), work at home.

Date night tonight! Hopefully I'll come up with a post-worthy outfit.

And thus ends the post with the most parentheses I've ever used. (I think.)


  1. Date night? On a Thursday? That's crazy talk!!

    Love the skirt. It looks swushy or swishy or something like that. Hopefully not squishy.

  2. It's very swishy!

    And yes, crazy talk. But I'll take my dates when I can get them!!