May 24, 2011

Yellow, How I Love Thee

Yellow is one of my favorite colors but I do not wear it that much. However, this skirt is a favorite. I bought it at the J. Crew Outlet a few years back and usually pair it with a black tee. I've yet to find another good combination for this skirt. Can you help a girl out? Incidentally, I wore the same outfit for SP's party a few years ago. According to SP, I had a six month old strapped to my chest. No toddlers strapped to THIS chest. I think I might fall over and that would be bad.

The Wear:
Black tee: Old Navy
Yellow skirt: J. Crew Outlet
Ballet flats: Mossimo
Necklace: All that Glitters (a local costume jewelry store)

The Where:
Work, dentist, Home Depot, Target, Babies R' Us, HOME!

1 comment:

  1. I swear I have photos of you with the little man strapped to your chest. Also of the little man trying to drink a beer. Ahh, good times.