April 24, 2011

Easter at home

Easter isn't a super formal holiday in our family, and this year I was hosting a casual family brunch at our place. Still, I wanted to look a little bit Eastery - and I've been wanting to try wearing purple and yellow together for a while (how have I never done this before?).
The brunch went great, although this outfit took a beating before I got a chance to take my photo. I may or may not have had to Photoshop out some food stains on my cardigan.
Oh - and this is my second pair of ballet flats for the day. The first pair got a wee bit muddy when I had to chase down my son, who went out to try playing in the mud in his "good" pants.

Lilac cardigan: Target
Yellow "petal" tank: Old Navy
Navy jeans: Lauren Conrad
Gold/ivory ballet flats: Aerosoles
Bunny pendant: gift from Frumptastic (I love that at certain angles, this looks like an alien head)

Where: hosting Easter brunch.

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