June 23, 2011

Bows and ruffles

I don't have all that much to say about my outfit today... it's a weird day today. Rainy and grey, and I've felt like I've had my head underwater all day. I could really use a nap. Ah well. Maybe tomorrow will be better!

Ruffle tank-top: Lauren Conrad
White cardigan: Target
Jeans: Levi's Curve ID bootcut
Purple bow ballet flats: Payless
"Moonstone" teardrop pendant: Target

Where: Errands and ... you know what, I can't even remember.

June 22, 2011


I never would have thought of pairing coral and purple until I read this post at academichic. But I like it! I wore this to the beach to meet old high school friends who were in town. We chatted while all the kids played in the sand. (I have to say, I was far and away the most colorfully dressed there. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that. Leave it to high school to bring back insecurities about not fitting in!)
After the beach the little man and I went out for lunch at a local diner. We were doing great until it was time to come home... which is why when I took this photo, there was an Epic Meltdown happening very loudly in the next room. This is the only photo (of the four I took) in which there is not a dog cowering at my feet due to all the screaming. Such a glamorous life I lead.

Coral v-neck t-shirt: Ann Taylor
Purple jersey skirt: Old Navy
Studded thong sandals: Target
Wooden bead "luau" necklace: local jewelry shop

Where: Cleaning the house, beach with friends, diner lunch, epic toddler meltdown, swim lessons.

June 21, 2011

New favorite dress

I had an early doctor's appointment this morning and wanted to look cute but comfortable. This dress is my new favorite. I really wish they made it in more colors so I could buy a dozen!
(There was a brown cardigan involved here at one point - no joke, I put it on the counter to take this photo and it fell into the dog's water bowl. So the dress stood alone for the rest of the day. It looks better that way anyhow.)

Tan stripe jersey dress: Target
Ivory/gold ballet flats: Aerosoles
Petrified wood necklace: From a trunk show in Boston many years ago

Where: doctor's appointment, taking a "day off" to play with my son in the yard, farmshare pickup, library.

The Suitable Alternative to a Suit

Thankfully, I work in an office where I do not have to wear a suit very much, if ever. Although I like wearing skirts and dresses, and suits are flattering, they are just too much effort. They are stiff and uncomfortable and I feel like I should be in court. Well, if I am wearing a suit, I usually am in court so yeah. There you go. Tonight we have our big board meeting and I might have to say something so this is my quick fix for a suit. Because it's a 174 percent humidity, I am not going to wear a suit. Instead, I am wearing a light white blazer with a full skirt as a suitable alternative. The skirt is actually brown and white but the damn iPhone makes it look black and white. It's comfortable and cool and I don't look completely frumpy in it. Frumptastic, maybe but not frumpy.

The Wear:
White summer blazer: Merona
Brown tissue tee: J. Crew
Brown and white full skirt: Willi Smith
Pink shoes: Mossimo

The Where:
Daycare, work, lunch with coworker, daycare, Co-Op, home, board meeting.

Of stripes and florals

Sunday brought two outfits! I know, it's fascinating stuff. It was a gorgeous day - sunny and cool in the morning, warming up later.

Striped dolman top: TJ Maxx
Tan cargo pants: Old Navy
Ivory/gold ballet flats: Aerosoles
Yellow rubber watch: swag from my husband's old job

Where: laundry, groceries, work at home.

Later on I hosted a Father's Day cookout at our place. I didn't get to take my picture until after everything was over, but this dress was perfect: casual and cool. And I have to say, I adore the waistline because I can eat as much as I want and not have to worry about sucking in my gut.

White floral dress: Old Navy
Beaded flip-flops: can't remember

Where: cookout at our house

June 20, 2011

Glorifed Jammies

For some reason the little fella woke up at 4:40 a.m. and didn't feel much like falling back asleep. On top of that, I had some GI malfunction and felt pretty much like bleck. And for an extra special cherry on top, because I'm generous that way, the significant other left for a conference for the week. So needless to say, I did not feel like dressing in anything more than glorified jammies. Oh, and for a little something special, I didn't have enough time to do my hair so I put it back in headband. I look a bit like those Irish Step Dancers with the fake curly wigs. But hey, I'm half Irish. It comes naturally.

The Wear
Cardigan: Merona from Target
Dress: Old Navy
Shoes: xhiliration
Necklace: Superhero Jewelry
Headband: Etsy shop which is not longer available
Engagement Ring & Wedding Band

The Where:
Airport, daycare, work, ophthalmologist, work again, daycare again, home.