May 27, 2011

Favoritest Shirt

Although I dislike long sleeved button down blouses, I completely and totally love short sleeved button down funky blouses. Love. Seriously! I would have a commitment ceremony with them if I could. My most favorite one sits in the back of my closet. It is an Ann Taylor extra-small black short sleeved rayon blouse with red flowers on it. I probably purchased it in the 90's pre-marriage, pre-child, pre-weight gain. I have dreams and hopes of wearing it again. Sigh.

The blouse I'm wearing does the trick for me while the other one waits to be worn again. I love the muted pattern and the greys, black, white, and hint of cream. I like the foofiness of the ruffle down the front. And the fabric is soft against my skin. Pardon me while I go make out with my shirt. Rather than wear this shirt into the ground, I best start finding other shirts that suit my needs. It's not like I would be cheating on this shirt, just giving it a much need break.

The Wear:
Favoritest blouse: Merona from Target
Camisole: Banana Republic
Jeans: Long and Lean from the Gap
Flats: Mossimo from Target

The Where:
Work, Co-Op, Home, Russian Festival

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