April 05, 2011

Outfit: April 5, 2011

So... yes, it's my birthday. And no, I have no big plans to celebrate... people seem shocked by that, but all I really wanted was a day with no obligations and no stress. So that's what I'm giving myself. I'm being lazy and doing only the work I feel like doing... for one day at least.
I wanted to wear my favorite dress/tunic today - but what do you know, it's cold, grey and rainy, and an orange chiffon dress wasn't quite right. Still, even if you're sitting at home on your birthday, you should have some sparkle, right? So I threw on this metallic t-shirt. I got this shirt a few years ago because I liked the banded neckline, but it's kind of... blousey. I need to figure out how to style it so it doesn't look like maternity wear. But for today, it's basically fancy pajamas and that's perfect.

Metallic banded-neck shirt: Dana Buchman (Kohl's)
Ruffled flyaway cardigan: Marshall's
Navy bootcut jeans: Lauren Conrad
Grey buckle boots: White Mountain
Aqua bubble ring (whoops, you can't see it!): Baked Beads

Where: Lazing around the house, out to lunch with my husband and son, staying in. Hooray!

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