April 05, 2011

Outfit: April 5, 2011

It's too cold to go outside so it is back to indoor hoots. What are hoots you ask? As Suburban Plumage thought, they are not something "porno." Instead, my iPhone auto correct changed my mistyping of "photos" to "hoots." For some bizarre reason, I took a liking to hoots and thus and therefore, all photos henceforth shall be known as hoots. So yeah.

We bring you back from this random tangent to discuss my outfit.

Shirt: Target
Pants: Banana Republic
Tank: Elle from Kohls
Shoes: mossimo
Goldfish in a Pond Baked Clay Necklace: Charm Lady Boutique at Etsy

After perusing her shop, I am thinking I want the Mod Foliage Pendant, Peacock Plum Resin Ring, and Typewriter Birdie Bubble Pendant.

I love how Etsy has made it so much easier for craftsmen, artisans, and various other creative folks to display and sell their goods.

Where: Work and veterinarian's office.

And finally...

Happy Birthday, Suburban Plumage!!! <3

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  1. I love it when you wear this color!

    Aaaaannddd... now I am stuck in Etsy. Dammit.