April 06, 2011

Outfit: April 6, 2011

I knew things were a little off-kilter today; this photo just proves it. Why do I look so... crooked?
Anyhow, for all the wonderful laziness of yesterday, today has proven to be barely controlled chaos. I guess some days are like that. Plus - it's snowing again. On April 6th. WTH, weather?

Lilac cardigan: Target
Striped boatneck t-shirt: French Connection
Navy bootcut jeans: Lauren Conrad
Harness boots: Target
Pink beaded necklace: Kohl's

Where: Actually nowhere. Due to circumstances beyond my control, Action Wednesday was abruptly replaced by Sleep-Deprived Toddler Meltdown Wednesday. So I've stayed close to home so far. And accomplished exactly nothing.


  1. i love how you paired the stripes with that lilac cardi! i never would have thought to do that! it's awesome!

  2. Thanks! I'm making a concerted effort to wear more color; I seem to have a lot of black and grey!

  3. I really like the pop of color that the lilac sweater gives the outfit...great idea I am going to have to copy!!