April 07, 2011

Outfit #2: April 7, 2011

I know the proportions of this dress are slightly off on me, but I fell in love with the pleated and patterned skirt. I feel somewhere between Mod and traditional Scandinavian when I wear it... It came with a plain black tie belt but I always wear a different belt instead. I like the shade of this belt, but it refused to sit still and I kept adjusting it all night. I need to figure out some way to secure it better so it's not always sliding around.
And the boots. Man, oh man, do I love these boots. There are very few boots that actually fit me (apparently I have gigantic calves) but these do, and while they're not very practical for my daily life, I wear them every chance I get. They're a slightly unusual shade of grey so they rarely match exactly - but I don't even care. Also, it may be a little optimistic to wear bare legs since it snowed yesterday... but I'm done playing around with winter. It's time for spring regardless of what the thermometer says.

Turtleneck dress: Spense (TJMaxx)
Metallic belt: Macy's
Grey ruffled wedge boots: Kohl's
Bracelet: gift, Tiffany

Where: Thrifting and dinner with a girlfriend. (Thanks, D!)

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  1. If I was not exhausted from house hunting, being unable to sleep, and general just usual tired, I would write a haiku expressing my love for your outfit. Maybe after I grab myself a cappuccino downstairs, I can come up with something fab.