April 25, 2011

Color on a Grey Day

Yes, it is grey outside. Yes, the rain is falling on a 45 degree angle. At least I think that it's 45 degrees. I don't carry a protractor with me anymore. How cool with that be to whip out a protractor at any time? Not really unless you're my husband who is all mathy.

Generally at work I need to dress fairly "business-like" which to me means "not jeans." Mondays are tricky because I tend to forget everything (on purpose) over the weekend and I could have a surprise meeting with someone fancy. Typically my day does not involve fancy people.

So look at this outfit. I got all preppy springy by throwing in a green swirly shirt and pink shoes with roses on them. I think that is pretty good considering it's Monday, I did not hear the alarm (the husband did), and I picked out the outfit in the morning. Go me! The one thing with this shirt is that I feel like it accentuates my tummy pooch. And no one wants there tummy pooch accentuated unless they are a kangaroo. And maybe even they don't. I think it's the material, the shirt's not the kangaroo's, and I am thinking a fitted camisole might do the trick.

Wow, full of fun segues today!

The Outfit:
Black Swing Coat (remixed): Motherhood Maternity
Green Swirl Shirt (remixed): Banana Republic
Grey Pants (remixed): Banana Republic
Pink Suede Rosebud Shoes (remixed): Mossimo

Work, home. I will change when I go to ZUMBA! Ole!


  1. Um, I think it's in the Latin region? Salsa, meringue, etc. Whatever it is, it's fun!