April 27, 2011

Asian Inspiration

About a year ago, I began getting ready for a five week trip to a small Asian country with my fifteen month old and parents. My husband had been there for the last four months on sabbatical researching things and using laser beams. For the past few weeks, I have been itching to return. Out of all of the countries I've visited, this one has a special place in my heart. I do not know if it was the length of time spent there, the wonderful people, or just that there was just something about it that drew me in. We talk about going for a summer but I do not know how realistic that is given my work. Perhaps a nice two week vacation will do the trick.

Today's outfit is inspired by my time there. While traveling, we visited numerous Taoist and Buddhist temples. At this one particular Taoist temple, they had exhibits of tradition wear of the monks (at least I think they were monks, my memory is fuzzy here.) For some reason I remembered a grey and black outfit but apparently I made that up in my head. This is the closest example of what inspired me to wear this outfit today.

The outfit:
Tunic (remixed): Merona
Wrap skirt (remixed): Banana Republic
Leggings (remixed): TJ? Target?
Shoes (remixed): Mossimo
Belt (remixed): Banana Republic or J. Crew

Initially I did not think I could throw this brown tortoise shell belt with all the grey and black but then I remembered this post and thought, what the heck. I think it is relatively successful and it makes me happy and nostalgic.

Where: Work, massage, home.

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