April 26, 2011

Busy Bee

Today has been a busy one. I think the frenetic zigzags on my skirt are a good reflection of my day. I have had meetings, petitions to prepare, and tonight I pick up the boy, go for some relaxing waxing, and pick up a drain spout to handle the monsoons effecting our area. I think we might be helping Lowes make their quarterly profits.

Hey, guess what! Besides the rain it is wicked warm outside. Have I been able to enjoy the warmth? NO! Why? See above.

The outfit
Cardigan (remixed): Merona
Camisole (remixed): Elle for Kohl's
Skirt (remixed): Lapis
Biker Shorts: Benetton (likely from 1989.) Why biker shorts? Because I don't like the sensation of my thighs rubbing together and I do not always sit like a lady. Whoops.

Where: Work, Client Meeting, Fancy Meeting (not really,) The Early Learning Center to pick up the little man, home for dinner, salon for wax, and Lowes.


  1. The yellow cardi is way too cute. It looks so retro.

  2. Thanks! I love retro but have a horrible luck finding anything at thrift stores. I guess this will do!

  3. I love the sweater, especially the color. The skirt looks great on you!

  4. Love that cardigan! Yellow is my favorite color :)