November 19, 2011

Not pajamas (mostly)

I have decided that camel is one of my colors for this winter. Do you ever do that? Declare colors for yourself? (My colors are BLUSH and BASHFUL, Mama.) Anyhow, camel is one of them. Plum is the other. It's a whole (wild!) variation on my newfound love of yellow and purple this summer.
It's Saturday, it's cold, and I'm tired. This outfit is so comfy it feels almost like cheating... like leaving the house in pajamas. The cardigan is a new acquisition from the Target and I loooovve it. Especially the detailing in the, umm, butt region.

Camel cardigan: Target
White cowl-neck tank: Old Navy
Jeans: Calvin Klein lean bootcut
Beaded ballet flats: Naughty Monkey
Necklace: petrified wood pendant from a trunk show many years ago

Where: Magic show at school, bakery for fresh bread and local eggs, high school hockey game, moonlight wagon ride (I'll be changing into boots for that one!)

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