November 21, 2011

Blending into the background

I swear, this outfit looked better in person. The shoes and cardigan are gold metallic, not the blah beige they seem here... but the proportions are kind of off. I wish the cardigan was longer. Maybe next time I'll wear it with wide-leg pants. That might help. On whole I wasn't super-impressed with this outfit, but the one I had planned to wear ended up not working either! Ah well. One of those nights.

Gold metallic cardigan: Old Navy
Cream sweater shell: Liz Claiborne from a billion years ago
Jeans: Calvin Klein lean bootcut
Gold metallic flats: Nine west
Gold and freshwater pearl necklace: Gift from an ex-boyfriend (I only wear this one every few years and usually when my husband's out of town!)
Gold bracelets: Gifts from my aunt and mother-in-law
Ripped curtain in the background: courtesy of my dog, who still cannot contain himself when the UPS truck comes.

Where: out to dinner with friends.

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