November 18, 2011

A little chilly

Sorry for the poor photo quality today. Had some lighting trouble. Ah well.
I'm having a hard time predicting the temperature these days (and yes, I have an outdoor thermometer). When I wear scarves, I swelter. And today, despite this little cashmere sweater being the warmest short-sleeve item I own... I was cold all day. Someday I'll get this right.

Cashmere sweater: Cynthia Rowley
Black v-neck t-shirt: Old Navy
Navy jeans: Lauren Conrad
Animal-print flats: Bandolino
Watch: Faux-lex, my husband brought it back from Shanghai on one of his trips
Pearl-and-crystal bracelet: Red Envelope, a gift from my grandparents

Where: Delivering a dozen Christmas wreathes to family and friends, music class at the library, tea with my aunt, lunch out with my little man, playdate, damage control from aforementioned playdate, quiet evening in.

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