August 01, 2011

Baby, baby

I have something to tell you. I have a favorite item of clothing: this orange ruffled mini-dress. It was love at first sight; I bought it without a second of buyer's remorse. Do you want to know how many times I've worn it? Just twice, before this weekend.
The thing is, I can never figure out how to style it; it's too short and sheer to wear alone, and kind of bell-shaped at the bottom. I got the dress last summer and first wore it with pewter-grey leggings and grey cage sandals, and a cardigan. The second time I wore it in the winter with leggings, tall grey boots, and again a cardigan. I thought I was doomed to only ever wear it with leggings.
On Saturday I was getting dressed to go to a garden baby shower (it was gorgeous!) and pulled out my favorite dress yet again, as I've done a hundred times, pretty sure I'd just be putting it right back. But! The coral shorts from the night before were still left out! And the blue wave belt I wore last week! It was serendipitous. And I know the shorts peeked out the whole time, but I didn't care. I got a ton of compliments on the dress, so I was happy.

Cropped white cardigan: Old Navy
Ruffled orange dress:
Coral linen shorts: Gap
Brown & silver platform wedges: Mossimo/Target (see them better here)
"Ocean jasper" necklace: local jewelry shop (see it better here)


  1. love those shoes!


  2. That dress is lovely - definitely a unique and stand-out sort of piece. I love that you paired it with neutral wedges to really let the dress stand out. Very cute look!


  3. that dress is darling! I love it! i really do. mini dresses like that have always been my favorite, but this one just made me fall completely in love. and i agree with callie ^^
    those wedges were the perfect touch.

    much love!