August 05, 2011

Where is Frumptastic?

I apologize for my lack of appearances on this blog as of late. I thought I would be able to take pictures, be creative in my outfits, etc. but it seems like that is just not happening. Work is a busy disaster, we've been traveling a lot, we are trying (in vain?) to sell our house and I'm focusing most of my (nervous) energy on my son's surgery a week from today. Frankly, I don't care what I'm wearing. Add in some body issues and you have a good mix for not wanting to get dressed up and take a picture of myself. I AM doing some things to resolve this problem.

First, I am returning to the gym. I hope that this will make me feel both physically and mentally better because right now, both fronts are not great.

Second, I am eating better. I am exploring some different recipes, healthful meals and snacks, and cutting out as much processed food as possible.

Third, I am giving myself a break. I hope to be ready to start posting entries with photos in September. I will try to express some thoughts here about body image and my process (hopefully it won't be too depressing) when I have the inspiration.

Yours in Frump,
::Insert jazz hands here::

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