July 27, 2011

Aaaaaaand repeat.

So here's the thing. A few days ago, I broke a toe on my right foot. Just a little toe, but still: ouch. And with the turning purple and swelling up and whatnot. So this week my footwear options have been pretty limited: running shoes and anything else supportive/protective. But last night I was going to dinner with a group of friends and reeeeaaallly didn't want to wear sneakers to the restaurant... and the next most supportive footwear I could think of was my harness boots. With this post fresh in my mind, I just couldn't get this dress out of my head in conjunction with boots... so I wore it again.
Different company, different night. That's allowed, right?
(Also, I think I look a little like Peter Pan in the last post, and a girl scout in this one. I don't mind either comparison.)

Forest green shirtdress: Kohl's
Studded belt: Jessica Simpson
Harness boots: White Mountain
Pendant: "ocean jasper" from a local jewelry shop

Where: out to dinner.

Sidenote: When I broke my toe, I was with my son, and asked him to get me an icepack. He was thrilled to be asked to help and went running off as fast as his little legs could go... and came back with a popsicle. "You can wrap it in a towel!" he said. But no, I asked him again to get me an icepack. He ran off again... and this time he didn't come back. I found him several minutes later, sitting next to the open freezer with a popsicle in his mouth. The temptation had just been too much for his little three-year-old willpower to overcome.
At the moment, it was aggravating. But in hindsight, it's pretty funny.

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