June 06, 2011


My outfit today has me feeling like I belong on the set of a 1950s era movie. Or Grease. It's some combination of the polka-dots, "cropped" pants and wedge sandals. I kind of wish I had a Pink Ladies jacket to complete the look. Or just to wear in general, because: how awesome would that be?!?
And I don't know what's going on, but all my jeans are suddenly too short. Super annoying. Which is why they're rolled up like this today. (Also not thrilled with the way my blouse keeps riding up to expose the bottom of my camisole. But better exposed camisole than exposed muffin-top, I always say.) (No, I don't really always say that.) (But it's totally true.)

Polka-dotted blouse: Allen B for JCPenney
Black camisole: Costco
Jeans: Calvin Klein lean bootcut
Black-and-white wedge espadrilles: Naturalizer
Octopus necklace: gift from my sister (see it better here)

Where: Doctor's office, errands, work at home.

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