April 21, 2011

Outfit: April 21, 2011

This might become my favorite comfort yet work appropriate outfit. Because I work for a non-profit, I can be a little more casual and funky than if I worked for a law firm. I probably would not wear this if I had a meeting but it works in a pinch for drafting letters and documents in my office.

Comfort is especially important to me lately. I know I have discussed
preparing our house at length but seriously, it is exhausting. For example, my Tuesday looked like this: drop sister off at car rental, work, lunch and say goodbye to sister, meeting with client, home, prepare dinner, start laundry, dinner with husband and son, husband heads to basement for more paint scraping, video with son, bath, bedtime routine, do dishes, make lunches, and then change into painting clothes and paint walls in basement. So if I want to be comfortable and not in anything that constricts, you can understand!

Today will hopefully be a little more relaxing. I get to pick up the little man which is always fun. I love how excited he gets when he sees me and the loud good byes he gives everyone in his room.

Alas, the outfit

Black quilted jacket (remixed): axcess

Green jacket (remixed): Ann Taylor

Grey skirt (remixed): T.J. Maxx

Black leggings (remixed): Lapis

Metallic shoes (remixed): mossimo

Where: work, picking up the little man


  1. You need to go shopping with me b/c my wardrobe sucks! I don't think it can even be called a wardrobe!

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  3. Yes indeed! Once everything has settled down.

  4. Wait, when did you wear this jacket before? I covet it.

  5. I thought I did. Maybe not.

    And yes, I have a Napoleon complex!