April 19, 2011

Outfit: April 19, 2011

I've had this wrap dress for oh, maybe five years, and I've worn it perhaps twice. It's one of those clothing items that I want so badly to like, but just can not figure out how to wear it in real life. It's a little too casual to be dressy and a little too dressy to be casual... plus the fact that it's a true "wrap" - without much overlap - provides some modesty issues in my daily life. And the waist is a little higher than my natural waist. So... I keep encountering this dress in my closet, exchanging pleasantries with it, and passing on by.
But - I've resolved to let no item of clothing languish unworn in my closet any longer. So I thought I'd try this dress with leggings, to at least eliminate the modesty concerns. It's working well so far - except I'm actually feeling a bit too warm with all the layering. That must mean warm weather is approaching... right?

Patterned wrap dress: Ann Taylor
Long-sleeve v-neck shirt: Kohl's
Brown leggings: Old Navy
Harness boots: White Mountain
Belt: came with some cargo pants
Pearls: Tiffany, a gift

Where: Wreath-making, massage (woohoo!), errands, helicopter extraction mission, bouncy-ball extraction from central vac mission, work from home, farmshare pickup, playing outside. Probably gonna swap in some jeans and rubber boots for that last part.

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