April 22, 2011

Free Love Friday

There are a few good things about today: 1. It's Friday. 2. I can wear jeans! 3. I am going to Target after work. Ohhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! What a trifecta of wonderfulness. And what am I getting at Target, you might be asking. Well, fun stuff! Like diapers! And stain remover! And wait! There's more! Paper towellllllllllllllssssss!!!! Yes folks, I'm living the good life in suburbia!

By the way, when did five foot four become petite? I don't mean like petite little people petite. Little people? I mean like fine boned small people. Okay now I'm not making sense. But where was I? When did my height fall into the petite category. It seems like every pair of pants I purchase looks like they are eating my feet. Sometimes I do some half ass rolling up thing or I let them drag like a moody thirteen year old kid. And yeah, that's not a professional look.

But at the same time if I purchase ankle length or petite, after one wash, the pants look like floods. I know a good tailor who does a great job of shortening pants but making the effort to go, get measured and then wait is too much. I think I need to learn to do it myself.

The outfit:

Jeans: ht diva fit (I think diva is code word for girls with some badunkadunk)
Floral Blouse: J. Crew
Camisole: Elle for Kohls
Suede Grey Sneaks: Converse All-Stars

Where: Work, Target, Home

P.S. My right leg is not horribly disfigured. I think it is just the way my jeans are hanging over my knee. It really isn't bent backwards although wouldn't it be awesome if it could!!!

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