April 19, 2011

Outfit: April 19, 2011

I apologize for being absent a few days or so. My fabulous sister came from the other side of the country to help us prepare our house to sell. And when I say prepare, I mean work like a madwoman painting, scraping, and staging our house. She painted ceilings, baseboard, and trim. She touched up walls and cabinets. She found curtains and made suggestions for making our house perfect for the market. In other words, she did it all. I could not be more appreciate for having such an amazing big sister. I am truly a lucky little sister.

On top of the business within my home, I fell ill early Saturday morning with a nasty stomach virus or flu that essentially kicked my rear. The timing was truly unfortunate because it made me unable to be a productive member of our little own HGTV team. Fortunately I did take Friday off so I had at least one productive day.

I almost took a picture of my outfit yesterday but it was not a pretty sight. Still feeling ill, I wore a tunic with a long sleeved tissue tee underneath and my too big cords with no belt. I spent most of the day holding my pants up and at one point fashioned a makeshift belt with one of those black paper clips. That backfired painfully.

Today I went with my favorite dress these days because I thought it might make me feel better and cheer me up a bit as my dear sister heads back to her home.

The Outfit:
Dress (remixed): thrifted
Black cardigan (not shown): Motherhood Maternity (And gosh I hope not)
Tights: JC Penney
Harness Boots: White mountain

Where: Car rental, work, lunch, home


  1. Hope you're feeling better. And good luck with the house. The dress is too cute.

  2. Thanks, DaenelT! I'm slowly feeling better. I think this has become my go-to dress to make me feel happy.

  3. I love those white mnt boots. Looks great! Its already too warm (in South Louisiana) to wear boots anymore.... all mine are being put away.

  4. You look great in this outfit! Zumba's paying off!

  5. Thanks! I haven't been in a while due to all the painting. I think that counts as exercise, right?!

  6. This is a great outfit on you! love you and miss you tons!!!!

  7. Thank you! Love and miss you too! <3