March 25, 2011

Outfit: March 25, 2011

Oh, look who is back! It's Frumptastic being especially frumpy. Somebody needs a full mirror for the mornings so she can see that she might look pregnant when she is not actually pregnant. Yay! I wanted to go with a somewhat business on top party on the bottom look but I sort of failed. The sweater vest is cut too low and has an empire waist going on. It ends up looking misshapen and unbalanced. Sort of like my boobages. This weekend I intend to do a closet clean out as we are getting out house prepared for selling. I am hoping that I can weed out my clothes and perhaps find some treasures hidden in the depth of my closet. We shall see.

Black sweater vest: Old Navy
White button down shirt: Teeej purchase
Long and lean jeans (more like wide ass on me): Gap
Clogs (shocker): Dansko
Necklace: Superhero Designs

Where: work, lunch with friend, picking up the little man at the early learning center (that's a snobby way of saying daycare), dinner with friends.

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  1. I actually think this is cute! You don't look pregnant to me, at least not from this angle...