May 06, 2011

Navy and grey

So, yeah. No outfit posts from me the past few days. Sorry... I had a very frantic/frazzled few days and counted myself lucky that I even managed to clothe myself at all, much less well. Honestly, people. There was a sweatshirt worn all day on Wednesday. It wasn't pretty.
But there is a good reason, one that I won't go into now. The same reason I won't be posting much next week, but I will be taking photos! I promise. You'll get a bulk download of my fashion choices all at once.
As for today: I'm clothed. I look okay. For some reason I never wear navy and grey together... I should do it more often. I kind of like it. And it's pretty close to my high-school colors as well. I adore this cardigan wrapped like this but I need to come up with some sort of fastening device, otherwise I have to keep fixing it every few minutes. Oh, the hardship, I know.

Flyaway cardigan: Max Studio
Navy v-neck t-shirt: Kohl's
Jeans: Calvin Klein lean bootcut
Sequined flats: Keds
Grey pendant: Baked Beads

Where: Drycleaners, bank, music class, grocery store, work at home, much cleaning and organizing.

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