May 12, 2011

Frumptastic in Charge

I look like I'm totally in charge of something in this photo. And how many people remember the 80's situation comedy Charles in Charge? I sure do!! And the song is in my head right now as I type! Go me! And now I just distracted reading the bios of the child actors from the show.

This is a dress from one of my favorite online shops, Shabby Apple. I haven't purchased from them in a while because I was really disappointed with their customer service. But then I reminded myself that they are a small shop and they can't handle returns and shipping out items as fast as my FAVORITE online shop, Zapppos. Shabby Apple is good about answering questions about fit and giving suggestions for dresses. They've expanded a lot since I first started shopping there. The one thing I do like is that they design their clothes so that you don't have to wear something else underneath to cover yourself up. I think I have about five dresses from them and the one I am wearing is my favorite. It's your basic black jersey dress jazzed up a little with the side tie around the neck. And like all of the dresses I've tried, it fits well.

The Oufit:
Black jersey dress: Shabby Apple
Shoes: Merona

Where: Vet's office, work, errands, home

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