May 04, 2011

OMG! She Posted!

Unfortunately, work gets in the way of posting. The last two days were quite stressful and intense but in the end: I winz! Yesterday I had a nice Ann Taylor charcoal grey suit for a court appearance. I prefer suits with dresses to skirt suits. I think that they look neater and it means I don't have to wear a blouse. Did I mention I generally do not like the way button down blouses feel? I cannot explain why. It's like I have a reaction to them. That makes a lot of sense.

Today I had a more informal hearing so I dressed a little more casual. I couldn't put myself through wearing a suit two days in a row. Oh, the inhumanity of it all! When I tried to write of it all, I wrote "alf" instead. Was that a subconscious signal? Hmmmm... What could it mean? Discuss amongst yourselves.

Back to the outfit. It is actually cold enough today to wear this heavier wool jacket. Sad, I know. Mother Nature can kiss my arse. Still, I like the jacket. I love the color. And it is very comfortable. I realize that this shirt does not photograph well from afar so here is a close up of the shirt and the jacket. And apparently my bosom. Bonus!

The Outfit
Tweed Jacket (remixed): J. Crew
Shirt (remixed): Banana Republic
Black Trousers: Merona
Shoes: Nine West

Where: Hearing, courthouse, Starbucks, work, Co-op, Kmart


  1. The name of your blog is too great! The weather was crazy where I live too. It's finally warming up now and feeling like May. I like the shirt from BR a lot!

  2. Thank you! It's cold here so it's hard to pull out the light springy clothes. That's the hazard of living in the almost Midwest/Northeast part of the country!