May 05, 2011

Wait, Shouldn't this be an autumn outfit?

Despite the fact that it is May, flowers are blooming, leaves are leafing, and the sun is out, it's damn cold and this honey badger don't like it! So instead of pretending it's spring and wearing bright colors and whatnot, I went with a palate of brown with some tan. There are some pinks and greens in the jacket and I did wear but Superhero necklace but generally, I am down with brown. That sounds weird.

The Outfit:
Jacket: J. Crew
Dress (remixed): Merona (I think)
Belt (remixed): Banana Republic (maybe)
Tights: Teeeejjjjj to the MAXX
Boots: White Mountain
Necklace: Superhero

Where: Work, overpriced lunch, Target, and for kicks, Walmarzzz

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