May 06, 2011

Happy Springtime Dairy Cows and Calves!

For those of you in the know, my title is a quote from Good Night, Vermont! which is a board book for children. It is written along the same lines as Good Night, Moon but much less creepy. And yes, I did just say that a very popular children's book is creepy.

I felt that to offset my fall color palate yesterday, I would attempt to embrace spring with my new shirt from, you guessed it, Target. The weather is decent but not as warm as I would have like it. These jeans, like most of my pants, are too long so I rolled them up to make them more springlike to go with my "It's got to get warm some goddamn day, RIGHT?!" theme.

The Outfit:
Tunic: Merona
Camisole: Banana Republic
Jeans (remixed): it! diva jeans
Belt (remixed): CJ Laing
Shoes (remixed): Merona

Where: Bank, another bank, and yet another bank (why does my bank have only one ATM that allows you to make deposits and that lone ATM is not helpful by BEING OUT OF ORDER?!), work, Lowes (again, they love me there), home

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