March 31, 2011

Outfit: March 31, 2011 - The Sparkle Edition

Recently I have been devouring numerous independent fashion blogs. Some of them are listed in our Inspiration links. It made me realize that I need to take some more risks and not be scared just because I am unhappy with my size and shape. Sally McGraw coincidentally had a great post today regarding one's happiness, health, and size. I think I might need to bookmark it as a reminder.

So today is all about SPARKLES! I am not seeing any clients today so I can be a little more daring in my outfit. Originally I wanted to wear a Banana Republic jean jacket but it was too short and did not look quite right. And it wouldn't button over my ample boobage. There I go again talking about my boobage! Hello, Post-Breastfeeding Boobage! You scare me a little! So instead I pulled out a slightly dressier cardigan to go over it. I think it works.

And speaking of size and happiness. I purchased these cords from Old Navy back in December when I was about 12 pounds heavier and nothing in my closet fit. They are now too big and when I wear a belt with them, it looks like I am wearing an adult diaper. Not that there is anything wrong with adult diapers. There are days where I might benefit from one after carrying a large baby. HIYOOOOO! I took off the belt for the photos and now I have to walk around holding on to my belt loop so I don't lose my trousers. Pants around ankles at work: not very professional.

The last picture is an "outtake" so to speak and yes, it does show my face in it but not totally. It made me laugh because it looks like I am doing the Robot which I totally am not. Maybe.

Sparkle Outfit:
Black scarf: Pashmina knockoff
Black cardigan: Miu Miu
Sequin sweater: The Limited
Tank: Banana republic
Pink cords: Old Navy
Boots: Nine West

Where: Work, maybe to the cafe downstairs but probably not. Oh, and the hair dresser to get my hair did. I am thinking growing it out but having chunky bangs. Wish me luck!