March 30, 2011

Outfit: March 30, 2011

It's Wednesday, which is usually Action Day in our house. So no matter how wistfully I look at my dresses on a Wednesday, it has to be jeans. No question. This morning found me crawling in and out of a giant pit of foam blocks, desperately searching for my dignity... I'm thinking a dress wouldn't have cut it.

Blue wrap sweater: Ann Taylor
Brown tank: Old Navy
Jeans: Calvin Klein bootcut
Harness boots: White Mountain
Metallic brown scarf: can't remember

Where: Gymnastics class, furniture workshop, lunch out with family, dentist, playing outside in the mud, work at home.


  1. Furniture workshop? Are you making furniture now? I need a new dining room set...

  2. Not making it myself... visiting it as it's being made! Hopefully it will come home with us next week.