November 24, 2011

Sea of silver

Hello! And Happy Thanksgiving! In an unprecedented turn of events, I'm offering a photo not taken in my usual surroundings. This is, of course, because I forgot to take my photo before I left for Thanksgiving dinner and thus had to creep up to my parents' guest room and photograph myself with my grandfather's old upholstered recliner in the background (which I love, because it reminds me of him). I have to say, though, I love this room. The sloped ceilings make me feel like a giant. And I am not a tall person.

Silver cropped silk jacket: Ann Taylor, thrifted
Long-sleeve t-shirt: Banana Republic from a bajillion years ago
Wide-leg tweedy trousers: CAbi
Grey buckle boots: White Mountain
Silver link bracelet: Tiffany, a gift
Silver sequined hair clip: F21 (And I would like to know WHO put those grey hairs in there? I wasn't notified.)

Where: Thanksgiving dinner!


  1. What a classy outfit! I like the way the shorter jacket and the wider pant legs work so well together. Great idea that I will keep in mind for my own wardrobe :).

    Followed you here from WIWW.


  2. You look very sophisticated!!!! Love it!