July 06, 2011

Me time

So last night it was hot, I was grumpy, and my son was incorrigible. So I did something I never do: called a sitter for no reason at all, and grabbed my book, and took some time for just me. It was wonderful. I went to a local restaurant, sat outside, and drank lemonade and read my book. A friend showed up to join me, and then we went to TJ Maxx and tried on clothes. I loved it.
In other news, these olive-drab linen shorts are quickly becoming an MVP of my wardrobe. I've worn them three times in the past week, in very different outfits. (Here's one. I didn't photograph the other, sorry!) And to think, I almost returned them.

Brown cardigan: Target
White cowlneck tank: Old Navy
Olive-drab linen shorts: Gap
Beaded ballet flats: Naughty Monkey (see them better here)
Lobster necklace: gift from my sister (see it better here)

Where: Reading, eating, shopping.

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