July 08, 2011

Welcome Back, Frumptastic!

Well, hello! I apologize for my extended absence. I do not have a really good excuse other than I've been lazy about planning my outfits and relatively busy at work and home. It seems like a relaxing summer is not a reality and we have plans every other night. We are traveling to visit family in the Northwest tomorrow and my plan is to post every day out there. We will have different scenery and hopefully some fun outfits. Today The Professor took my photo out on the deck and if you can see in the front lower corner, there is a metal plant holder made to look like a cat. At first I thought I'd crop it out but I think Rusty Kitty sort of fits my style. Huh?

The Wear:
Jean Jacket: Banana Republic
Dress: Old Navy
Shoes: Mossimo

The Where:
Work, bank, pool party, home to finish last minute packing.

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