June 14, 2011

Everybody, Everywear: Itty Bitty Lace

Actually, I do have a very nice white lace shirt which would be cute with something; however, a lot of my clothes are in storage while we sell our house and I am afraid that shirt is one them. Sigh. So instead I am wearing a hint of lace to add color to this rather brown ensemble. It's actually one of my favorite camisoles which I purchased before going to Taiwan where I knew it would be steamy hot. Now that I am in cooler climate, I wear my camisoles under shirts for modesty (oh my!) and as I am here, to add a hint of color (despite the photo, it's more of a olive or pear color) and texture (lace.)

I find myself inspired by two themes of late: 1950's and 1960's fashion and the west. I am embracing outfits which flatter my curves because let's face it, I cannot really hide them. I plan to invest more time in thrift stores and looking for belts to cinch in my waist. On the other hand, I love the western look and if I could get my hands on a great, but reasonable, pair of cowboy boots, I would be pleased. These boots are the closest I can get to cowboy and this full skirt makes me think of a square dance, although I hated them in middle school!

The Wear:
Brown tissue tee: J. Crew
Camisole (with lace!): Elle by Kohls
Skirt: Willi Smith
Harness boots: White Mountain

The Where:
Work, telephone hearing with clients, Co-Op for rice milk for the boy, home

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  1. The touch of lace poking out under your top is great way to add something different to an outfit.
    Thanks for joining us at EBEW!