June 15, 2011

Eat, Nap, Love

Sometime in the last week, my husband and I watched Eat, Pray, Love. I had no interest in reading the book and honestly I never planned on watching the movie but when nothing else was on the other 873 channels, E, P, L was our only hope. And honestly, it wasn't that bad. I loved the scenery and locations. If my hypothetical publisher wanted to pay me to go eat a ton in Italy, get all centered and sh*t in India, and then lounge or be a guru's assistant in Bali, you probably wouldn't have to twist my arm too hard. However, I'd need to bring my son and husband. And perhaps my cats. And the dog. So my hypothetical trip finding myself and relaxing actually wouldn't be too relaxing because I would be trying to keep the boy out of the Roman fountains and trying to keep the dog from killing too much livestock.

What the heck does any of this have to do with this outfit? This is my effort at being all yoga zen relaxed today. The tunic is long and soft, the dress underneath is a cozy jersey and honestly feels like a nightgown (wait, am I wearing a nightgown at work?!) and the shoes are the most comfortable flats ever! No really, ever! I'm not sure if I've been totally zen today but at least I'm making the effort. Ommmm....

Oh, and I changed it to Eat, Nap, Love because I'm all about naps and not that there is anything wrong with prayer but I'm more familiar, at least I was, with naps.

The Wear:
Tunic: Merona from Target
Dress: Old Navy
Shoes: Mossimo
Necklace: Superhero Jewelry

The Where:
Home, Work, and the gym but I won't be wearing this to Zumba. Such a shame, no?

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