May 14, 2011

Tequila sunrise

A Saturday post! Woohoo!
Well, I'm dressed much more interestingly than yesterday, you have to give me that. And yes, I do resemble a tequila sunrise. I'm wearing a veritable symphony of coral today!
This outfit started with the skirt, and then I decided to try yesterday's peach cardigan with it. It doesn't exactly match, but it sort of goes. Then the coral shoes, of course, and to truly put myself in the realm of no return, a polka-dotted coral flower pin. And voila!
It's bright, yes, but I like it. And I did say I was trying to add in more color!

Peach cardigan: Target
White tank: Kohl's
Tiered coral skirt: Old Navy
Coral and tan sandals: Bass
Polka-dotted coral flower pin: Icing

Where: hosting a belated Mother's Day brunch at my house, shopping, assorted Saturday stuff.


  1. Colors.... ohhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh! I feel like you should be in Brazil.

  2. That's funny... I feel like I should be in Brazil too. Especially since it's foggy here again today.

  3. Please tell me you just bought this skirt recently and there are plenty more like it. Please. Love it -- and the cardigan/pin you paired it with!

  4. Sorry, Alissa... it's circa 2010. An eternity ago in Old Navy years! But thank you for the nice words...!