April 15, 2011

Outfit: April 15, 2011

It's been rainy most of this week, so when I saw that today was forecast to be bright and sunny, my mind (and outfit planning) leaped ahead to spring. Notice that I didn't check the actual temperature forecast... turns out that yes, it was bright and sunny - but I could see my breath this morning. Still, I plowed ahead. If anything, I even made my outfit more springy by swapping out my intended brown cardigan for this cropped white one. (First time wearing it; it's a little sheer but I think it will be perfect over my sundresses this summer.)
I got this maxi dress last summer and then waited until fall to get it altered... which means this is only its first or second outing. Way to plan ahead, self.

Butterfly-print maxi dress: Old Navy
Cropped white cardigan: Old Navy
Harness boots: White Mountain
Aqua bubble ring: Baked Beads
Turquoise necklace: from a roadside jewelry vendor in Navajo country

Where: baking a test run of our Easter cake, bank, mall errands, impromptu lunch out with my son, mini golf on the front lawn, work at home, evening TBD.