June 21, 2011

The Suitable Alternative to a Suit

Thankfully, I work in an office where I do not have to wear a suit very much, if ever. Although I like wearing skirts and dresses, and suits are flattering, they are just too much effort. They are stiff and uncomfortable and I feel like I should be in court. Well, if I am wearing a suit, I usually am in court so yeah. There you go. Tonight we have our big board meeting and I might have to say something so this is my quick fix for a suit. Because it's a 174 percent humidity, I am not going to wear a suit. Instead, I am wearing a light white blazer with a full skirt as a suitable alternative. The skirt is actually brown and white but the damn iPhone makes it look black and white. It's comfortable and cool and I don't look completely frumpy in it. Frumptastic, maybe but not frumpy.

The Wear:
White summer blazer: Merona
Brown tissue tee: J. Crew
Brown and white full skirt: Willi Smith
Pink shoes: Mossimo

The Where:
Daycare, work, lunch with coworker, daycare, Co-Op, home, board meeting.

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